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It has been a great help to have a coach like Natacha.

She understood very well my issues and she had lots of advices for me regarding my future business.

Moreover, she knows lots of things and many people in the Start-up ecosystem that helped me.

Thank you Natacha for your help and your advices.


        Laureline, women’s slow fashion company, 2017, France

 Natacha has been extremely helpful during the whole process. She helped me regarding invoicing and brought me a lot of knowledge about the Dutch working mindset. Her reactivity and involvement were excellent, which made our talks very constructive and enjoyable.

Natacha's knowledge and understanding of my business needs and the relating markets is impeccable.

It was easy to form a connection and open communication which creates a forward momentum.

She is a structure building, solution driven, creative thinking master.


Photography studio & online services, Amsterdam (NL), 2019


Natacha helped me navigate through Dutch start-up ecosystem, she was very helpful and proactive in helping on all the tasks.

She also helped me connect to right people in Amsterdam. What I really appreciate about her is that she is very involved and goes out of her way to help, she would not care about exceeding time commitment or project scope and would ensure she helps get to a logical conclusion.


Fintech CEO,  Toronto (CA) & Amsterdam (NL), 2020

Natacha helped me in the startup process of my company in Amsterdam. She constantly impressed me with her insight and brilliance. Following her advice, the registration process for my business went very smoothly in all steps of the way. She proved to be organized and customer-service oriented throughout all our interactions.

A quality I truly appreciated due to the fact that I was completely new at starting a business. No matter how complex I may thought an issue, she guided me and came up with brilliant, elegant, and cost-effective solutions.


I can highly recommend her services as they are invaluable to any starting entrepreneur

Malcolm, Web Development Instructor, Amsterdam, 2020

Yannick, Freelance model, Amsterdam (NL)  2019

Je voudrais vous remercier pour l'atelier que vous avez animé hier.  Vous m’avez donné toutes les informations nécessaires à mon projet (travailler en tant que consultante en  freelance pour aider des organisations Indonésiennes et Néerlandaises à travailler ensemble).



Startup-er, 2016

The training is really an eye opener for every successful business, it has helped me a lot.

I really appreciate my trainer for her support throughout the program. 

My experience with my trainer was great, she really supports me and we had nice time together. 


               Tosin, grocery & clothes shop, DR Congo, 2018

It was a very good practice to turn your business idea into a business plan.

I think Natacha has a lot of financial knowledge, but next to this, understands the situation of an expert partner well together with a keen interest in modern start ups. Natacha also understand each specific question well and knows how to guarantee good output of the coaching sessions. Next to this, Natacha has lots of energy and will guide you through the whole process.”    


                              Coach and self-help app creator, Mexico, 2018

Natacha is a great professional. She helped me in building my own activity in The Netherlands, managing all aspects and more ... she gave me very helpful advices and she put me in contact with other professional in Amsterdam. She is serious, organised and extremely honest, which is nowadays one of the best quality you can find in any professional relation. Highly recommended!


Owner of PR agency, Amsterdam, 2015


I had the pleasure to get help from Natacha Villedieu-Silvestre during my company's registration in the Netherlands.

She not only helped me with the order of things needed to be done at the chambers of commerce but also enlightened me in structuring my budget, giving useful contacts for insurances, tax advising, and lawyer.

This helped me get my business started in time and securing a well-organized start for the most important legal aspects.

 would recommend Natacha to any ex-pat or local that are thinking about starting their own company. Her services saved me an enormous amount of time, which I can now instead put on my business growth.


              Therese, Dancer and choregrapher, Amsterdam, 2020

I had the pleasure of having Natacha set up my business and guiding me to becoming the best I can be. Not only is she knowledgable, wise and determined. She goes the extra mile to help and offer her expert advice.

Leanne, creative style Director in hairdressing, Eindhoven (NL), 2020

“Natacha ‘not only helped me navigate set up and registration of my business in The Netherlands, but also helped me understand in more depth the objectives of my business, how networking works in The Netherlands and introduced me to all the relevant professionals for the smooth start of my business in the new country.   


Natacha is very knowledgeable in how business works in The Netherlands and more than that, I always felt that she was not only interested in legal set up of my activity, but was invested in the success of my venture, after the set up process is completed.”                                                                                                                                                                                  Dovile

              Performance and Talents’ coach, The Hague (NL), 2018

"My needs were very well understood.

The process of my registration to create my business and the proper use of meeting hours allowed us to be efficient. We have covered all aspects of setting up a business in the Netherlands and I am now equipped with all the necessary tools.

This coaching is for me a boost and / or a springboard to start my new activity."


Industrial designer, Amsterdam (NL), 2020

Having had no previous experience in setting up or running a business, I contacted Natacha at Optirisk Solutions.
From that moment on, it was all plain-sailing.
She put all the stepping stones in place and gave me the tools to get on with it. Her flexible and competitive fee structure means that I can get as much or as little help as I need.

I would highly recommend Natacha to anyone looking to set up and run their own business


Director and English language specialist, Amsterdam, 2014

Natacha is a good coach with a lot of enthusiasm and expertise. She is warm, reliable and intelligent.


                                         Grapevyne's website in Vietnam, 2018

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