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Give wings to your business.
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1.  Starting your business guide (EN) 
2. KvK useful first steps (NL) 
3. Dutch  Gvt Business infomation website (EN)


Our consulting services focus on your expectations, which can be a rapid growth or just get rid of  the "red tape".


We aim to offer you the chance to

•  focus your energy on  business development to generate greater income


•  equip yourself with an efficient and tailored business set up and administrative support


•  enjoy a customised and reliable service  at competitive rates to navigate through the Dutch administrative jungle.





We advise you from the first phase of your idea  (business case or business plan).


We guide  you through the next steps  of your set up, using tried and tested methods with  handy deliverables (roadmap and project plan).


We give you  the tools and templates for stress-free administration.


We accelerate your learning curve  to avoid common mistakes.


We help you implement good practices  to ensure your business runs smoothly.


We anticipate  growth needs (partners, premises, risk management and ventures).



These offers are indicative of average needs. They can be reduced or increased. Upon all, we stay flexible !


To address entrepreneurs' needs, we have developed three main services :

A. Strategic services

We help to choose the best approach to fit the client’s needs with the modules : 

  1. Which entrepreneur are you?

  2. From business idea to business model

  3. A business plan, is it for you?

  4. Business pitch. Are you the PR?

  5. Financial forecast support

B.Set-up Programs 

We offer three unique programs to help you move smoothly through the incorporation  and administrative steps.  Each program is closely matched to the client’s needs and components can be added or removed to make it a perfect fit.  

  1. Self-Learner : Do it almost Yourself . 3 intense hours  focusing on action plan, practices and KvK registration (eenmanszaak)  for  400 euros ex. VAT

  2. ​Cruiser  : 12 hours for  a smooth creation and administration support from business registration, invoicing and tax declaration and insurance coverage

  3. Turbo  : 18 hours for the ones willing to spend as little time as possible on the set up and automate their processes. Project is managed by us.



These are essential steps for business starters who have either no financial or legal background.

  1. Accounting for Small Business Owners : Get the core skills you need to master to manage your company. Be able to discuss peer to peer with other entrepreneurs, bankers and even your accountant.

  2. Best Practices for Small Business Owners : Avoid trouble waters and get it right from the start in your business relationship and business practices.

" Having had no previous experience in setting up or running a business, I contacted Natacha at Optirisk Solutions. From that moment on, it was all plain-sailing.

She put all the stepping stones in place and gave me the tools to get on with it. Her flexible and competitive fee structure means that I can get as much or as little help as I need.

The quality of service offered by Optirisk is second to none."


A.T., Owner of an English teaching company

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